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Chemical integrator rod migrant for the immediate control of the sterilization in autoclaves water. Compliance with UNI EN ISO 11140
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VAPOR LINE Extender The successes and failures in the process of autoclaving in saturated steam depend from combination of three critical factors: temperature, time of exposure and the presence of saturated steam. It is therefore essential for a correct assessment of sterilization, to have tools able to monitor these critical uncertainties n without dangerous delays. VAPOR LINE supplement a chemical to be used in all phases of the steam sterilization including Saturated between 121 C and 134 C. It can be used to control the sterilization of instruments, wrapped and unwrapped, and packages containing sheets and other standard items used in dental and hospital facilities. VAPOR LINE Extender with the ideal, practical and very accurate because it does not need interpret the results because the verification dellavvenuta sterilization ensures easy reading for the progress bar migrant, the red zone (Fail) is not sterile area, GREEN (Pass) sterile. Another advantage certainly of Extender presence, armed at the end of indicator chemical, which shows at a glance an eye or if the material was less processed. On Extender can also indicate the date on which the sterilization was performed. Advantages: Attendibilit results Extender  Instant information contained Costs  Non-toxic ink objective response  Duso practicality Possibility of recording the date VAPOR LINE available in packs of: 250 pcs. Code 7111 Autoclaved? Yes! ... But we are sure that it is also sterile? The certainty with only lip Control Test of sterilization. The optimal solution for the protection of the operating units, for reducing the time of reorganization and to highlight towards patients your sensitivity to the problems of cleanliness and hygiene. DUST BARRIER is applied at the input dellunit operational and thanks to the special adhesive which held, traps and neutralizes the bacteriostatic action with dirt, covering the soles and heels of shoes and that was collected from the surface of the wheels of the Service unit. DUST BARRIER consisting of:  30 sheets supplied with adhesive removal with Velcro. Lagente bacteriostatic built nelladesivo Lacet ethyl acetate.  bottom adhesive which ensures a perfect fit on the floor. The installation and removal take place easily and quickly.  30 indicators numbered from 1 to 30 facilitate the separation of the sheets from each other. DUST BARRIER non-polluting and does not generate dioxins with lincenerimento.

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